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TEC Lighting and MPT Strategic Partners That Think A Like




 TEC Lighting

One of our strategic partners feels the same and has the same rule as we do.
Service is our passion.
Rule #1: If we don't take care of our customers somebody else will.


At Machine Parts Toolbox we strive to provide the best customer experience period.  We are constantly improving our online site and specifically working hard to provide you direct human to human contact when you need or want it. Providing the highest quality parts, the best technical parts desk and the most competitive pricing just comes naturally. 
Notice we said human to human contact..... unfortunately with most companies today you can't get anyone on the phone anymore.  Well we can't get our techs off the phones as they are providing much needed technical help and many of you are speaking with them daily.  We like speaking to our customers!!!!  We think speaking to you is a privilege.
Our company's success is reliant on us meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations which is why we have implemented daily huddles to review our response times, inventory capacity and our on-time shipping percentage.  We keep score of our performance to identify how we can improve our processes to serve you better.  We feel rewarded when we earn your continued business.
All that being said we also continue to strengthen our manufacturer, supplier, and vendor relationships as well.  These relationships are important and we work on them too.  We do the same with them and put them to the test.  One of our strategic manufacturing partners is TEC Lighting as you may already know.
Our ongoing alliance with TEC Lighting helps us provide benefits to a very large segment of our customers, which is the commercial printers and printing companies.  In our minds if we have 2 heads (TEC Lighting and MPT) working together to understand how to provide you a better service, with quicker parts turnaround it is only a benefit in the end to everyone.  They do say 2 heads are better than one.  We like to think so at least.
Since 1994, TEC Lighting has focused on making UV coaters and equipment available to the marketplace. With over 17 years of experience, their innovative technology has rendered them as the “World’s most trusted name in UV coaters.” They have developed a strong team that will work closely to incorporate quality to help increase profit margins for printers. TEC Lighting… A name you can count on! 
TEC Lighting - Textured Rollers 
Since we handle other significant machine parts for the printers of the world the TEC Lighting and Machine Parts Toolbox combination has always made sense.  So we wanted to let you know that our strategic supply partners think the same way we do, and help us provide you with service excellence.  It's good to know we have you only in mind.
If you need any TEC Lighting Replacement parts visit the Production Machine Parts tab and find all the standard regular replacement parts ready to be ordered.  If you don't find something let us know.  Send our Technical Parts Group an email at [email protected]  
Our vision is to be your resource, your confidant and your partner.  We don't want to just be the guys you buy parts from, we want to be the guys that support you and your packaging machines and equipment on a daily basis.  We have a passion for parts as well as the packaging machines and equipment they belong too.


Send an email to the Technical Parts Group at [email protected]. Leave them voice message at ext.102.  Let us know how we can help. 


We have you covered.   



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