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Stretch Wrapper Pre-Stretch Rollers and Idler Rollers



Stretch Wrapper Pre-Stretch Rollers and Idler Rollers


So everyone who runs and operates a stretch wrapper whether it be a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine knows that stretch film and the machine can be very sensitive.  Come on, so really how complicated can a machine that spins your pallet of product round and around be.... right? 


Well you wouldn't believe some of the things we have heard about stretch wrappers.  I am sure you have heard some of the same.  This stretch wrapper will only use a certain brand stretch film, the film has to be a thick gauge only, the pre-stretch knob can't be turned up because film breaks.  These are all real issues and many facilities actually do have these problems and operate with them.


We feel your pain and understand what your saying.  All of the above causes headaches and slows down your shipping department.  NO GOOD!


Remember our last few articles about cutting blades and sealing knives and making sure to replace them often and or to keep them clean.  The pre-stretch rollers and idler rollers on all brands such as Wulftec, Cousins, Orion, Highlight, ITW and all the rest of the manufacturer brand stretch wrappers need to have the rollers kept clean of debris, nicks, burrs and need to be replaced every so often over time. 


They are regular wear parts for a stretch wrapper.  Sorry this machine has regular wear parts too.  If this is not done the above problems will appear. 


If you are having some of these issues and can't understand what is causing the problems, check your rubber pre-stretch rollers.  If there are cuts from razor blades ( happens when film gets wrapped around the rollers and someone cuts off the film that is wrapped and stuck around the roll )  The rubber should be soft and still have a pattern showing with no cuts.  This is what grabs the film to stretch it.  If it is cut or smooth due to wear you may have found the origin of the issues.  


The metal idler rollers that the film rolls over can have the same things happen.  These need to be smooth otherwise it can cause film to tear easily ( i.e. can only use a heavy gauge film, can't turn the tension knob up ).  If they are not smooth the film can catch and rip very easily. Run your hands over them you will be able to tell.


Check your rollers, this is one of the first places that will cause problems. You might need new rollers!


Good luck, let us know if you need any help.  


Keep on rolling!


 Parts Master