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Shrink Machine and Equipment 101 -Blades


Shrink Machine and Equipment 101

So the shrink machine can be our best friend and our worst enemy.  Those of you who have one know what I am talking about.  It doesn't matter if you have a Shanklin, Texwrap, Clamco, Beseler, or any of the brands available.

They can all be very sensitive machines.  Some days it purrs like a kitten and is so enjoyable to watch run.  Some days it can throw a temper tantrum like a 3 year old child as it kicks and screams to not do what it is supposed too.  It can cause your production people and maintenance mechanics a lot of frustration.

In all reality and seriousness this machine is very important for everyone who runs one regularly.  It completes a very important part of the packaging process. Reverting back to one of our posts about regular scheduled maintenance, those of you doing regular scheduled maintenance may run into less of the above scenarios with your machines.

We get calls all the time from frustrated customers who share their experiences when buying parts for their breakdowns, so staying on course with shrink machine and equipment 101 we suggest the following.  But before we do that let us be clear we understand, " everyone is working hard to push out product as a 1st priority ", so no judgement and with that being said.

We suggest checking one of the root origins we find to solve or alleviate some of those ups and downs mentioned above.

When is the last time you changed or cleaned your blades/wire and replaced the Teflon in the contact areas in the sealing mechanism.  Many times we hear silence and then ahhhh, well, ahhhh, lol.  Don't worry we are all guilty of it.  Are you getting a clean cut ?

Package seals are usually the issue in most cases that cause the fluctuation and frustration.  Go back to the origin!  If you haven't either cleaned, or as we recommend changed out the sealing knife/wire and Teflon, try it.    You may be very surprised.  

Its just a suggestion, but we have suggested it to many customers and for the most part it has worked for them. Worse case you will now have a clean cut and have done some unscheduled maintenance.  If you need any help let us know.

Good luck, shrink on !!!!!!


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