Recommended Spare Parts


Why recommended spare parts lists can save your bacon.


So what is a recommended spare parts list?  Well it is not some cheap ploy that manufacturers have come up with to charge you more money when purchasing your new machine or piece of equipment. I am sure at some point that thought crossed your minds, as we hear the salesman say “and you should also make sure to add the recommended spare parts.”  What the hell do I need those parts for this is a brand new machine...... Silently you say to yourself…… Thanks for the recommendation, no pun intended! Thanks but no thanks and the machine is ordered (no spare parts). If you have a new or older machine you need to have them. Let us at least give you the reasoning behind why.


Well as we continue our theme of packaging machine maintenance, recommended spare parts lists come to the fore front of the conversation.  What are they, simple PARTS YOU NEED!  No in all seriousness they are absolutely necessary. If you’re not thinking that you should.  Look you don't go to the grocery store and buy only one 2 liter of Coca-Cola, you have a back up for when that one is gone, same for beer.  You don't just buy 1 beer and bring it home and drink it.  You gotta have back ups otherwise your in trouble. Come on lets be serious!!!!!  Same premise ..well maybe beer you have to have a lot of back up.


These parts are the common wear parts on that particular machine or piece of equipment.  These parts are just as important if not more important than having that maintenance checklist and schedule set up, at least if your machine goes down there is a 75% chance it will be because of one of these necessary parts that needs to be replaced.  


Dealing with many production and distribution customers and their maintenance managers and mechanics, we have seen countless times when a spare part in house made maintenance superheroes. We have also seen even more times the opposite, shut downs, production costs jump and worst case large product orders not getting shipped out.  


Those staffs that keep recommended spare parts swear by it as it has saved their bacon numerous times and made them look great.  Oh, we have a part failure, no problem.  Here you go it just so happens we have a spare in the toolbox. Whaaala!!!!!!!


Every carton sealing machine, tape head, shrink machine system, stretch wrap machine, along with all other packaging machines has a recommended spare parts list. Remember from our last post, that machine that went down and you were hiding under the desk because the part was on back order with a lead-time.   Yeah, we try to forget those moments too! 


We recommend it as well, boy your hearing that word a lot in this post. If you need or want to know what spare parts lists are recommended for your machine we can help …if you want them.  


We like to say plan your work and work your plan.  Get those spare parts lists together, if you don't know what they are ask us and we can get you the information, then get them ordered. Otherwise you might be spending more time hiding under your desk, lol......


Parts Master