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Allow us to help you with your old worn out carton sealing machine TAPE HEADS.  Let us bring them back to life for a lot less money than purchasing a new head.  We provide rebuild and refurbishment services for all brand tape heads, so why not the ones you have in-house just collecting dust.

Send an email to our Technical Parts Desk, or give them a call and discuss what you need.  Let them know the brand, the model/series number, and any other information.  They love rebuilding worn out and beat up tape heads making them like new, and you know we have all the parts.


Turn around is quick and the whole process is painless.  Ask our technical parts desk about tape heads... 





So there you have it.  If you need any help or have some questions our MPT Technical Parts Group is available to help.  Reach out and drop them a line.  Ask them about the details of the rebuild and refurbish work we can do for your old worn out tape heads along with other items as well.


Our vision is to be your resource, your confidant, and your partner.  We don't want to just be the guys you buy parts from, we want to be the guys that support you and your packaging machines and equipment on a daily basis.  We have a passion for parts as well as the packaging machines and equipment they belong too.


Send an email to the Technical Parts Group at Leave them voice message at ext.102.  Let us know how we can help. 


We can build it like new for you.


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